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MarCom Group is a full-service, boutique agency focused on helping our clients leverage the power of engagement– whether that’s with customers, employees, job candidates, press, analysts or whomever is important to your success.

Why focus on ENGAGEMENT?

Because traditional marketing has been turned upside-down and inside-out and you have little “control” over the “buzz” around your brand. With people going social, mobile and whatever comes next, they’re turning to third-party sources to learn about your products and services. That’s right, buying decisions are now influenced by, well, anyone who interacts with your brand. That’s why it’s so important to have an integrated plan — to not only reach your audience but to “en.fluence” and “en.gage” them to become your brand advocates.

An integrated approach is also what makes MarCom’s client service uniquely successful. Together, our managing partners have expertise from every area of communication — marketing, sales, social networking, advertising, public relations, thought leadership, branding, internal communications — and in almost every industry. That means we look at things from all different angles to give you a fresh approach every time.

Get engaged with MarCom, and take your marketing ROI to a higher power.

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