Managing Partners


Deborah Clark – A Straight Shooter

An expert marketer, Debbie has an uncanny ability to break through the clutter and simply get the job done. With a relentless focus on the end result, you can always count on Debbie to zero-in on what really matters. Couple this with her insightful observations, business savvy and good old-fashioned humor and it’s clear to see how she rose the corporate ladder to manage world-renowned brands, like Disney, Delta Airlines and Universal Studios.

Liza Palermo – A Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist may be what led Liza to become a corporate vice president at age 29. Her desire to get things exactly right makes her the driving force behind the agency and its project teams. While it may irk her fellow partners from time to time, Liza’s strive for continuous improvement is a boon for MarCom Group clients. Her clear, strategic vision of program?management and unrelenting drive for perfection is key to the agency’s diverse team of talent and skill. Pragmatic yet visionary… in a nutshell, we can’t live without her.

Tricia Boone – A Producer

While some people might call her type-A, Tricia prefers the term “competitive.” She likes to be known for getting the job done and doesn’t let anything get in the way of doing so. Failure is just not an option. The same competitive drive that made her a nationally-ranked tennis player manifests as a can-do approach to client service. Working in the public relations field has made Tricia addicted to setting and achieving deadlines. Rallying the team to produce, deliver and simply kick butt is right in her wheelhouse.

Lisa McCarthy – A Creative Visionary

The truth is, sometimes we don’t get Lisa. Lucky for our clients, Lisa’s unbridled creativity and sharp business sense are what lead to some of the most stand-out, successful creative programs. Perhaps that explains why she’s credited with transforming a staffing company from zero digital presence to the industry’s proclaimed innovator in the space. We often dream of living in Lisa’s world, where she sees the potential for extraordinary in the ordinary. If you want to be noticed, you want Lisa on your team.

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Backed by a team of skilled digital and traditional?marketing strategists, public relations?professionals, copywriters, graphic artists, web developers and marketing technologists.

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